May chang oil Litsea cubeba essential oil used for food and cosmetics

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May Chang essential Oil
Raw Material:
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OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
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10000 Kgs
Pure Essential Oil, OBM
light yellow to yellow liquid
cool fruit aroma
from litsea cubeba leaves or fruit
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75% citral May Chang oil, Litsea cubeba Essential Oil for food
75% citral
citral oil, may chang oil, litsea cubeba oil

May chang oil Litsea cubeba essential oil used for food and cosmetics 





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Standard Requirements Testing Result
Appearance Pale yellowish or yellow flowing liquid Qualified
Scent Characteristic aroma of citral-like   Qualified
Density(20°C/20°C) 0.880 — 0.905 0.887
Optical Rotation


+3° — +12°6.95°Refractive Index


1.4800 — 1.49001.4892Solubility (20°C)Add 1 volume sample to 3 volume of ethanol 90%(v/v), obtaining a settled solution.QualifiedGeranialdehyde(Neral+Geranial)Content≥66.0%66.6%Main Ingredients CitralQualified


Ⅱ. Pure Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Functions


• Used for the synthesis of single-violet from ketones, vitamin A, K and so on.


• Used to decorate lemon, lime flavor, the fruit used to do freshener.

Litsea cubeba is a member of the Lauraceae family, which includes the Cinnamomum species and Laurus nobilus or sweet bay. Parts of L. cubeba used include the pepper-like fruits (berries), bark and leaves. Litsea is grown in Tiawan, Japan and India, but primarily in China, which is also the primary market. The berry yields about 3.2% oil on distillation and has a distinct lemon character odor due to the presence of citral (geranial [41%] and neral [34%]), but may be much modified as the result of the presence of other substances. Litsea cubeba oil is often used as the basis for fine lemon flavors.




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